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Motorcycle coilovers/leaf spring used together for the front end?

one finger john

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Has anyone ever used adjustable motorcycle coil overs in conjunction with fewer leaves in the front end to gain a little more suppleness in the ride?
I understand that coil overs use the springs as purely support, but I have to wonder if the springs are a stabilizing force unto themselves.
Do shocks work better alone or does the supportive spring actually help stability and shock action?
In essence, use fewer leaves (which have a higher friction content when they flex) or a monoleaf and lite weight coil overs. The leaf spring becomes a supportive locater and the coilovers shoulder only part of the job.
The payoff should be another inch or two of controled suspension movement giving a more supple, controled ride on general and better control over bumps and uneven surfaces.

Am I crazy? Will Ted have to straighten me out?

I think Ted fell asleep in his chair again.
I see alot of people adding or removing leaves from the spring to adjust their ride hiegth only to find they have a bad riding or handling car. with these cars you can over spring the front end so easy. Motorcycle coil overs are designed for motor cycles period. Certain items on your car are going to cost some bucks. Step up and buy the right parts the first time. Trust me, you will wish you had if you try to cut corners and end up buying the right part to replace that special part you used.

Well I guess I woke up just in time to put my 2 cents worth in.. hehe My knee stopped working, so I have been in a strange mood, Sorry... I myself would stay away from those coils in/with your front suspension. (too bouncy) use as many (or few) leaves as it takes to make it ride soft as you like, (without the shocks, test it sitting still) then use a set of tube shocks in the rear of the axle, maybe back about 6 inches or so.. If when you get the spring where it is as soft as you want, if the chassis needs to be higher, you will need a spacer of some type to raise it up to where all things clear the ground as needed. Really can't tell you too much without a pic of your complete front end assembly... :)

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