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mustang radiator


Could u guys who have a stang radiator and a chevy motor post a pic or two and include the year and core of the radiator u r using

I use a 66 mustang 3 row with a 350cdi putting out about 300hp it will run between 195 and 180 with a temp sender in the head and a elect. fan. It has never ran hot even in 100deg temp in stop and go traffic.
NAPA part # MODINE 2301 ( mine has an internal cooler for an Auto trans, but it's plugged)

Auto Zone Part # 433259

Top inlet- Rt Side ( Pass side)
Bottom outlet- Rt.Side ( Pass side) Dims.= 19 1/2 "Wide at the mounting flanges. 21" Tall.

I have pitchurz, but I don't have a small block Chebby, I got an old worn out caddy 390......."BH"

Another Radiator to consider is a 70 Dodge Dart w/318, These are 18"wide/22"Tall "BH"
As always u guys come through.

Also how do u access the cap under the shroud.??????
what i do on my engines is drill the thermostat in the flange aera with a 1/16 drill bit now when i fill the engine with coolant i take the top rad hose off at the thermostat housing and hold it up higher than the engine fill it slow the water/coolant will go in and the air will come out of the tiny hole in the thermostat when you see the coolant comeing out of the housing engine is full and no air put the hose back on and run engine till warm and the thermostat opens add any coolant needed in the over flow tank
I'm installing a '65-ish 3 core Must. radiator also, and after a little digging, found that a Gates #21718 fits the upper great, and a Gates # 21053 goes fine on the lower. Gotta trim 'em up a bit, of course, but the bends are in the right places when you use the straight forward, angled intake manifold hose neck sold by Speedway for the SBC.
Chevy has soo many different top hose connectors you can choose from, you can use a ton of different hoses, just cut to fit, if needed, slip a piece of exhaust tubing inside to parts and walla, a perfect fit. paint it all black and all the clamps will dissapear...

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