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My finished paint job

WOW that looks GREAT thomas nice color that car is coming along nicely. Where did you get your rear shocks?????
Really nice looking color it fits well with the look you are going after.Just wondering is that your trans cooler under passenger door?
Thank you gentlemen. The shocks came with the kit from Spirit Industries. I believe they get them from Speedway motors. Also, that is the transmission cooler under the passenger door. Hope to have it running by next week. Further updates soon.

Looking good Thomas only two weeks till the down river cruise.
Very nice !!!!
Hey Rocknt How is your bucket coming haven't had any updates lately?
Nice color thomas. Great to see something besides black, red and yellow. Gonna hide in the corner now!!

Thomas, you have built a very outstanding car! The more I look it over, the more I like it! I am impressed!!!! Congratulations!:ciao:
Much too nice, I'll just have to confiscate it for someone worthy of it.;)
Looked again today and still can't get over how good that looks!:D:D
By the way, what sizes are your tires? car is looking too mucho wayno!
Keeper, my interior is black and jmr, 560x15 front and H78x15 backs. Here are a few upgraded pictures.


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