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My first video!

That is what it is all about Al. Getting out and driving them and enjoying it.
Very nice video :) Thanks for sharing!
That was a great video, thanks for posting it.
Wow, still alot of green on them trees. Looked like a couple started turning. Must've been a blast.:)
FOUL!!!! it's 37* here, snowed yesterday and you're teasing me with stuff like that? FOUL, i say FOUL!!!! LOL

thanks for posting it Al.

GREAT video! Looked fine to me. Looks like a good time was had. Thanks for sharing.:D
nice one Al, it`s 1st November in Scotland here, not the best time or place for a T bucket, but i`m taking it out later anyway, my 97 year old gran just got out of hospital so i`ll nip over an see her an take the T as she`s not seen this one yet.
Russ :D

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