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My MIG Welder is going belly up.

Duke said:
I have an El Cheapo MIG from Harbor Freight and knew at the time it was a throw away model, but has made many welds and is starting to go Bye Bye. Does anyone know about the Clarke 180EN MIG machine. Are they any good or another throw away?

WeldingDepot -- Clarke 180EN Mig 220 Volt 180 Amp (No Gas or Gas) PKG #2 - 180EN Welder & CC-MIG Industrial Mig Cart
If you like the one you got check with Daytona MIG most of these off brands were manufactured by an Italian company and sold under "house" brands I have a Mac Tools 110 mig that is "Astro " Daytona mig had everything I needed and gave real good service I'm betting they can help you out as well.

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