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my new project


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the bucket has been done for awhile and I dont have the desire to finish my model A because it is kind of the same as the bucket. So we started on a new project. Being a film maker I'm going to shoot the whole process and turn it into a documentary.

[ame=[media=youtube]sWVmWzxVhjI[/media] - 9s the Hard Way Trailer #1[/ame]
Back in 1967 i had a 1952 Hery J with its potent SUPER SONIC SIX This was my very first i loved that thing flapping fenders and all.(rust)
I had an Allstate that ran in the 6's at a hundred and fifty feet.

The only issues I see are that we are limited in tire size and in Denver we are a full mile above sea level. From our track to a track in Wyoming that is much lower in elevation we lose a full 3/4 of a second.

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