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My Skull Shift Knob


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As you know my skull hit the deck hard and broke in to several pieces.I'm here today to say the surgery was a success.Here are the pics.Look at the back and you will see some added cracks and a hole .Heck with them just adds to the fact i built it.

Side view

coming at ya.

surgery scars.LOL
Sweet, the surgery scars add a lot of character. :cool:
Looks great, Rick! No one would even know unless you told them. I don't mean to hijack but, what is that board looking material you are using for your seat back and is it what you used for the sides?
Thats regular door panel cardboard.1/8 thick some call it water proof board.But i got a 4x8 sheet of PVC like Lumen Al used for the final product.The card board can be gotten from any trim shop.

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