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Need automatic transmission advice

Track T-4

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Ive been upgrading a track-T I bought back in March. Its powered by a 2800 Pinto with an automatic transmission and we only drove it about 1/4 mile to the garage when it was delivered. I finally got it back together and started yesterday and was hoping to take a trial run but when I shut the engine off there was a puddle of trans fluid under the car. :mad: When the car is running tt leaks with a pretty quick drip at the front/bottom off the trans right behind the engine at the inspection cover. What might be causing this? Is there a seal in the front of the trans that might have gone bad? Or something else? It doesn't appear to be leaking from any visible fitting and doesnt appear to be overfilled.

Is it possible that circulation through the cooler is blocked? Would that cause it to push fluid out in this manner? No reason to think that is the problem, its just a thought.

Are there any automatic transmission experts out there? Im not real anxious to pull the trans but Im afraid thats where this is heading. Your input/experiences would be appreciated.
Yup, if it's trans fluid, comming from the FRONt of the trans, most likely it's the front seal.. It's pretty easy to change.
Remove the torque converter, (slide the trans back of you have to.)
You will see the seal ,it fits around the nose of the pump drive on the torque converter, Check the converter for a groove worn in the pump drive too..
Pull out the seal with a hook tool or puller or a bent screwdriver (it works ).
Take it to any auto parts store, they can interchange the number, get a new seal, lube it up a little and press it back in the pump housing, reinstall everything.
Be carefull you don't get the torque converter in a bind while tightning up the bell housing bolts.
Refill with oil, test it out....."BH"
Oooooh, I don't envy you. We just had to pull the brand new transmission out of my Kids T after only 200 miles and send it back to TCI. Front pump failed and fried everything inside. Worst part is unplugging everything and pulling the engine. :sad:

Thanks guys. I'll give it a try and let you know how it works out.

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