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need to locate maker.


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I purchased my first 27 t from a kid who purchased the T from a guy who built the entire car from the ground up.and then sold it to me 7 months later .it is by far a beautful peice of art.every little detail is outstanding.i would love to find the original maker of this shake is hand and ask questions.Has any one known of anybody from albany newyork that built a car and recently sold it?thanks jj.pretty cool forum!!!!
I'm sure it would help a lot if you posted pictures of the car, someone might recognize it.
was looking around the forum and found the kid that i purchased the car from.mdrex? anyone remember him? small world huh?black 27 .t.
I think he just made the turtle deck.I could be wrong
he said he got in from a guy in albany new york,he never did a thing to it.but......i will.i might need you help guys i'm new to this cool ride!jj
No, I went through all of his old posts, nothing there, that you don't already know. I went to Members, found his name then all posts. All I came up with was what you just said.

I would post that pic over on some of the other boards, somebody will remember that car. It has not been very long since he bought it.
thanks rpm,i'll ask at motor veh.maybe they can tell be with title search,not that they want to help.worth a shot.jj

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