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New 90 degree master cylinder installed


A few pics of my new set up. I installed a Kugel 90 degree master cylinder set up. I believe this will give me more stopping power over the old corvair system I had before. I will be able to service the master cylinder thru the cowl door. I also incorparated the steering column support using a connecting rod.
That looks great. Is that a steel body you have too? I wish I would of mounted mine on the firewall too instead of the floor. I have air in the lines again and have no leaks. Go figure.
Yes it's an original steel body. It started life as a touring car, when I found it, it had been chopped and set up as a t-bucket. Everything I have found with the past owners information is it was first done in the late 60's and redone agian in the early 70's. Now today I'm in the process of redoing the old paint and updating for saftey only! Other then that I'm trying to keep everything as it was done in the late 60's and 70's. I have been getting all the old parts togather and eliminating anything that does not look the period.

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