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New drag truck


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I thought you all might like to see a pic of my brother-in laws new truck. It is almost finished. He took a brand new Harley truck to build this. It had about 70 miles on it when they started. This truck should (he hopes) will run low 7s at 200mph. A Ford modular motor with a stage 3 Procharger and intercooled on alky, with a Lenco. The only original part of the stock truck is the vin tag and the roof.


Kool project, looking good on the build! I hope he can attain his goal of 7's at 200+.
Damn Ron why wreck a Harley?But that is a good looking truck.Shame about the Harley though.
Nice project but it's a shame he had to cut up a new Harley edition.
The truck belongs to Ronnie. Richard Boling Race Cars is doing the build. Craig still has his Pro Stock license and will be doing the driving.

I'll have to get some pics of Craigs 63 Vette Richard is building.

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