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New emission standards coming to Manitoba


Seems the Manitoba provincial government is trying to fast-track the Kyoto protocols and is going forward to introduce new emission standards equal to those in California.

Can anyone enlighten me on what rodders in California have done to meet their emission standards to make their rods street legal?

Just starting my bucket project and this crappy news has to come up now....please send me some prozac. :eek:
Mine is regestered as a 1920, so it is exempt from Cali standards. If your car is already built and titled it should be grandfathered in.
Ny also uses the California emissions standards for new vehicals, but after that point things fall apart, lol

technicly the law around here for engine swaps is that the engine must be newer then the chassis, and that the engine must retain its emissions equipment AND its emission standards for the year it was produced

but luckily NY allows you to title a home built / kit car as the vehical it most resembles. i could build a 32 ford out of toothpicks and superglue, and the DMV would agree that its a 32 ford

Then when i roll it into an inspection station, the registration on the window says 34 ford, and its inspected to insure its up to 1934's safety and emission standards (which is what? 2 headlights, 1 tail light, a horn and something that resembles a set of brakes?)

noone around here ever decodes the block # to check if its new enough to need cats or air injection
Probably no chance of getting the thing built before the's likely going to be a two year project from now.:eek:

Hopefully there will be enough loopholes to allow for a glass repro body to be classified as a classic.

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