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New guy from Tennessee


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Hello all, I'm new to this site and just recently discovered it. I live in Middle Tennessee and am finally getting to build my little car after wanting one since childhood. I think many of us are in that same catagory. I really enjoy reading what others are doing and get a kick out of the creativness of all the builders out there. Mine is all home made, little 4 cyl. engine. Just a Sunday afternoon cruiser....
I look foward to reading all the posts, and seeing what ya'll are doing. I'll post some pics of my car when I figure out how to do it..........ha ha

Thanks to RPM for answering my e-mail. I was struggling trying to figure out how to register............

I'm in Memphis, and occasionally I spend the weekend in Hohenwald. Where in middle TN are you?
:lol: great group of guy's here
Welcome to the site Hank. It's always nice to see new folks join us here especially if they are starting a build. It gives us a chance to show off a bit. Seriously, We thrive on questions. If you have any, please ask.

Hello Todd. I live in Lebanon, Tn. About 30 Miles east of Nashville. I saw your car a couple of years ago at the "RedNeck Rumble" at the fair Grounds here in Lebanon. I knew you from the NTBA posts. I looked for you for a while but never did locate you.
Hello Again Ron. Thanks again for answering my e-mail about registering. I feel like I know some of you guys from reading your posts on other boards, so I do already feel right at home here. I'm still trying to figure out how to post pics here. I'm not sure which forum to post in though. I'll be probing around on this site for a while till I kinda get a feel for how it works and what to do and when.ha ha ............
Welcome Hank :ciao:
Thanks everybody for the warm welcome. Some of you all, I feel like I know from reading your posts and seeing your cars on the NTBA site. I am in the process of renewing my membership to the NTBA site as well. There are some pics of the car in various stages of construction on the "My Ride Is Me" site
My Ride Is Me Until I can get the pics resized and put up on this site.

Once again it was nice to meet you all and I'm looking foward to reading all the postings of your projects and the tech articles.

I am sorry that I didn't get to meet you when you were here. Maybe if you come back this year, I can catch up with you, and maybe if I have mine on the road, I can get inside with it and get a "better parking place" ha ha .
I've often thought that the place would be a great place to have one of the T Bucket Nationals. There is on-site camping and Lebanon is a nice small town. They have the "Slamin and Jamin" event here every year and even though I really don't fit in with that crowd, I've really gotten a kick out of seeing all the unique stuff that shows up and tours the town. On Saturday night they all crusie down Hwy 231 South then around the square and back again and there are thousands of people that line the streets to watch. There is also a really cool old style 50's drive in here called the Snow White Drive In. They have a cruise in most every Saturday night and it's only about 2 minutes from my house.
I sure hope you can make it this year.

Howdy from the left side of the Mississippi ;)

Ha Ha Ha ...........I'm heavily medicated with arthritis meds and bloodpressure stuff....ha ha ha ....for My Protection..............ha ha ha.........I'm my own worst enemy............I have way too many vices...............

Nice to meet you though............I lived in Mississippi when I was a little Kid. Vicksburg. I'd love to go back sometime and see the city again..............
Hello Bill. Sorry I didn't get back quicker. Nice to meet you. Somerset?? Is that where they build all the really nice Boats?
Did you by chance make it to the NHRA Hot Rod Reunion? I'm about two hour drive from Bowling Green where they have it now. It is a great event for Drag Race Fans, especially if you were around back in the late sixties and early seventies. I even got a picture of me with my arm around Willy Borch.............Of course Willie is in an ern now, but it was still great to meet him.............ha ha ha

somerset ky is the houseboat capital of the world. we also have the largest one day car show in the state and it is the 4th sat of the month starting in april to oct two big cruse nights friday and saterday night cant beat that for a small town. we have a power cruse sponsored by holley carbs. :lol:

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