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New smilies installed


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I just finished up installing 68 new smilies.

When you are posting a new thread or a reply, you will notice the smilie menu on the right of the text entry window. If you click on the word [More], a new window will open up to display all the smilies that are available for you to use.

I have also modified the look of the user menu, at the top of each page. This new menu allows the use of some drop-down selections that provide more robust functionality than the old menu offered. While it was easy to get the new menu in, removing the old one proved to be a trial for me.


But, I managed to fix everything I "broke", so we should be good to go from here.
Where and how do you load smilies? Can you load them so as to use them for your e-mails?

I'm not sure I fully understand your first question.

If you are asking where the added smilies came from, the answer is from several sources. If we see one we think our members might like, we add it to the list.

If you wanted to use one of these smilies in an e-mail, you would have to copy the image here and then paste the image into your e-mail text entry window.
Here are some more for you to use -








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