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New T-bucket owner Houston, TX


New Member
I from Houston, Tx and I have had my project T-bucket for over a year now and decided to get started. It is a Total Performance regular body with a custom frame. Just bought some tires and looking to see how to install the body on the frame and also interior and gas tank info. I purchased a book from Speedway Motors, but does not show anything on installing interior and body and a totally a waste of 20.00. So I am hoping T-bucket enthusiest can help me with my t-bucket as i would love to get it on the road. Thanks everyone.
Here are some pics.


welcome nice looking start .I noticed the coilspring front might ride a little better then the standard leaf setup.
Welcome to the forum TX23bucket, I've seen a front suspension system like that before, I just can't remember where?

Ok, now I remember, out in my garage LOL.


:) Great place for information.. These guy's know their Stuff
Welcome to the forum. There is plenty of info on this site, and don't hesitate to ask.

Welcome :) there is a lot of knowledge here that you can't get out of books and some Texas people too.

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