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New t project

Looks like a deal for someone. My area code finder says it's in Denver.
wow....someone grab that!!!!!! one of RPM's front ends and your darn near on the

looked like one i saw on ebay a couple weeks ago, it was completely disassebled though..
Yeah, the parts alone are well worth more. From the pictures it does appear to be a good deal, and not Mickey Moused up like so many you see for sale. If it were closer I'd grab it in a heartbeat.

If I'm not mistaken, that project has been on e-bay twice in the last 6 months or so. If it's the same one, it sold for just under $4000 the first time, with a total front end, and around $3400 last time. $2500 would be a great buy.

That would be a big bunch less than what I have in parts allready and I aint that far along. Somebody grab it! ..Francis
Wow that's a great deal. My buddy just paid $3000 for a shell on a rolling chassis. He's gonna sign up here when he gets home from vacation.

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