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New to the forum.

Hidy Ho good neighbor! Whats happening on your side of the fence?
Hi Blownchebby:welcome: tell us a little about yourself do you have a tbucket building one or just lookin, plenty of info here post pics if you have em. Francis
It's about time you showed up blownchebby. This is my hot rod buddy from Tennessee. It is all his fault I got back into hot rodding and a T-Bucket. And he does have one . . . a very scary fast one. If we twist his arm I bet he'll post a photo. Welcome to the forum . . .
skullman said:
If we twist his arm I bet he'll post a photo.

We'll break his ............. Ummm, for your own safety post all the pics you got. It could get ugly.:hide:

Nice color. I like that car.
They are all kits, some just less complete than others. I like to think of a Model T as kit bashing, like from our youth as modelers.
Very nice ride
welcome to the site blownchebby....great lookin T...

I wanted the car to look late 60s inspired. I was not around in the 60s. I love 60s hot rod and dragcars. The car is a driver ,I drove an hour and a half in the rain to get to the hot rod reunion in beach bend.The car has a 468 big chevy lots of cam.To me T-buckets are all about extremes.Big tires ,big motors ,big cam , now all of you know how sick i am( ate up with the sickness).My name is Jon and I am a t-aholic.
Welcome, and I agree that T buckets are all about excess.

To be fair, there are some on here who genuinely believe that 300hp is enough and as long as they drive 'em, who am I to argue.

Have you run yours down the quarter yet? Im down to 10.2 with a street legal bucket with a blown 468 too. (But Im upgrading to a 540 after a dyno mishap). theres an English dude on here who runs high 8s/low 9s with a blown smallblock. Now thats way cool.

Hot Rod Todd
New Zealand
That is the biggest T Bucket i have ever seen its 10 times the size of your Mustang. Ha Ha Welcome from Tulsa OK.
I tried to race at the hot rod reunion in beach bend ky. NHRA said Hell no to that. But I street raced GSXR1000 and a busa. I would say it may run high 10s. Its hard to say without a true track time. The ass dyno gets really "f"ed up in a t-bucket. It could run 13s but its the most fun I have ever had doing it.
Hot Rod Todd I love you man. My first plan was to build a 540(blown w/ an 8or 10-71) but my mife and skullman did not think it was a good idea.
Haha, you could just do what I do. Do it then own up.

I worked for a guy who taught me it was easier to apologise, than to get permission.

I was offered a 1471 for the engine but my engine building mate did put a stop to that idea. said something about it not being streetable.

We have just had our AmeriCARna festival (a celebration of all things American - but mainly cars and Rock & Roll) and there was a Dodge Challenger there with a 572 twin plug KB Hemi with a 1471 and BDS EFI.

So of course its a streetable setup. for pikkys of Americarna.

OK blownchebby. Fess up. And why did I try to talk you out of going any bigger . . . ? Could it be because you only have one foot position and that is all the way to the floor. Does that sound familiar?

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