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new to the site

merclover said:
just thought i would say hello to all ia the merclover am building the t bucket
Welcome merclover:welcome:Did you read the rulels real good?The fine print says you have to post pics of your car.Trust me its in there.:rofl:
Welcome. Good people and stuff here. ;)
Well Merclover...


You have come to the best t-bucket site in the whole dag gum world! :razz:

You have any questions, just post it and many really great guys will jump on it and give ya a hand... you're going to love it here!

P.S. When I first logged on... I was saying to myself as I read your post... MerClover... it took me a while to realize it was MercLover... :eek:
I see that we think alike Al. I too, read it the same at first. (Thought that it was maybe an age thing in my case.) Anyways, welcome Merclover.

hello all iam from amherst nova scotia i will post pics when i learn how to work the site and thanks for the welcome:D:D:D
Hi from Yarmouth!

Sorry I missed your posts..

I visited Amherst many times in years past. My sister was an O.R. nurse there in the 70s.

These days I make runs to Port Hawkesbury and surrounding areas when I leave this town.

Great bunch of folks on this board,

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