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hey,everyone, I'm Irven,I own a 26 T and have since 1995 .I am presentl y installing a fresh motor .It 's a 350 /350 t.h. >I bought the car in 95 and personalised it ,but someone in Oregon built it in 1965.IT has the inverted corvair steering box W/9"ford rearend and a brass radiator but I,m working on a streetrod nose (fr. SPEEDWAY)and plan to go with a turtle-deck.Anyway I love my car and everything about t-buckets...No fenders,NO hood,hot rods the way they were intended , oh yeah AND 400 :D:D:D:D:DHORSES:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:
Welcome Irv :D
Welcome to the site Irv. Always good to have another '26-7 lover in the group. Al forgot to tell you how much we like pictures. He just got back from a trip and hasn't settled in yet.

Welcome Irv enjoy the site and knowledge of all of us.

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