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Hart Rod 23T

New Member
Good Morning: I'm new to the site just wanted to say hello.
Building a 23 t bucket from frame up, bought a kit that a friend started but did not have time to finish! Will chat later with questions.
South Fla.
Welcome to the site. Tell us or better yet show some pics of your project.

Welcome Hart Rod, You may want to edit your home page to show where you are from. What kit are you building? Motor? Trans? etc... Everyone here loves pic's so I hope ya got a camera.:lol:
Welcome! Where in South Florida? I live in central Florida.

Welcome from the cold north currently 57 degrees at 20 after 5 its a little ridiculous . We like pics its in the unwritten:rulz:
Welcome, building some folks think is the fun part, but driving is also a ton of fun, so geter done, driveable and drive it for at least 3 Months without any finish work, as you will find many things you will want to change, much better (safer and cheaper) to change an un-finished piece, than something that is either painted nice, or chromed, trust me, it will pay to do this, and you will get most of the bugs worked out as well... Have fun building.... :)
Welcome Hart Rod
Hey, i am in Deerfield Beach let me know if you need anything, Where are you? Claude
Welcome, There are a lot of people here to help so when it all goes to hell ask one of the people here....Most of us have been there and done that.
Enjoy the ride, Dan
Howdy.....and welcome aboard!!!!!!:thumbsup:
Welcome Hart Rod to the greatest T bucket site.


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