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Newbie KC

Hey Mike, how come we don't see you at the Cowtown T's? I'm the sex-retary of the club and I take attendance, and you ain't been there for awhile brutha!!
Welcome to the forum kcfatdawg, sharp looking ride you've got there.
Yes,I know. I haven't forgot about everyone. Always something else going on that 3rd sunday. Working,family function and Chiefs home games. I'll be there in January. Eventually the T will get finished. Most of the body is done,but the underside is painted and cleared. I've been doing car repairs for people on the side and that keeps the T pushed back. I fire up the motor every so often and it scares the neighbors.:smashpc:
Who-wee! That is stunning!


Looking very sweet indeed... very sweet!
Great looking foundation.
Nice, Very Nice!!! Welcome to the site. You've given me a few ideas from your lay out.
welcome to the site. great looking chassis! keep us posted on your progress and don't hesitate to offer suggestions to those looking for answers.

WELCOME to the forum. Very nice ride!!!!!!

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