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No, not another bloody Ozzy!


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G'day peeps, looking forward to posting pics and asking a million questions, as i'm a noob when it comes to Hot rods:lol:.
So far i have a 23T body with pick-up bed that was made by a good friend of mine.

My engine choice is a Holden ecotec 3.8 litre v6, i think you guys refer to it as the L36 Buick engine, currently its fuel injected, but in the future i want to convert it to carby(with the help of some good friends).

As this is my first T-Bucket i'm trying to keep costs down and do something a little different thats why i chose the V6.

On a more personal note, i live in Brisbane, Australia, have my own metal polishing bizness, three great kids and a loving missus.
I look forward to reading and writing posts and asking loads of questions:lol:


We look forward to you posting pictures too. For every question you ask you will get a bunch of good answers.

welcome to the brotherhood brent. happy to have you here. got questions? we got answers, just don't be afraid to ask. we all did at some point.

G,day mate, it's all good here. Great bunch of blokes belong to this place and they never have a problem offering a hand.
You been washed out up where you are mate.....Like a desert here down south.


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