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Norfork Dam


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They opened the floodgates at the Norfork Dam today. It is sure a site to see. The last time they have been opened was 1993. BC and I went down there and had to check it out first hand. We ran into Rick Lucy as he was on patrol around the dam. I have attached some links to pics of the Norfork Dam pics..We will be sending a video email out from down there......Here is what a guy with the Corp of Engineers had to say:

A Corps of Engineers official says they increasing water releases at Norfork Dam. Tracy Fancher, project manager for Bull Shoals and Norfork lakes, says they are increasing releases from the dam spillways to more than 77,000 cubic feet per second. Fancher says with those releases, combined with the dam's two generators, will be equivalent to about 30 generators or about 82,000 cubic feet per second.

We here in Mountain home has sure had some news to talk about. We got 2 good size snow storms, tornado's, flooding, flu, and now more flooding and soon we will be talking about how fun the buckethead bash was!!!!!

Fishing has been good on the lakes....our fiberglass guy Eric has been pulling monster catfish out of Bull Shoals the last few days. He and some friends have been catching anywhere from 10-60 pound catfish and also been catching a fair share of white bass too...been quite an exciting time here in mountain home.
Them kittenfish are alot of fun but you guys got walleyes?
Probably not as popular as the bass but sure taste better..
Sturgeon season is rapidly approaching on the rainy river and lake of the woods here in minnesota. Fish in the 70+ lb class are a riot and will tire you out.
One of these days I gotta get to your neck of the woods but My T wont handle the boat and I couldnt bear to leave one or the other home! lolol Have fun!! Paul

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