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Northern Ky, Rabbit Hash Cruise & Grill Out 5-17. This SUNDAY!


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Scroungers Rabbit Hash Cruise & Grill Out. 5-17-09. THIS SUNDAY!!!! open to everyone.
The Scroungers C.C. will be having a cruise to Rabbit Hash Ky on May 17, 2008. This is not a sit in your lawn chair event. Do you remember when a cruise was a cruise? You really got in your car and went some place with other hot rodders. Well this is what this is. If I wanted to sit in lawn chairs and look at cars I can do that on my porch. We will be meeting

Bobby Mackey's Country Music Bar
Licking Pike
Wilder, Ky
We will be leaving Mackey's Bar at 11 a.m. sharp that Sunday. It is a little bit of a highway drive and then onto a country road were the hot sun gets lost by some trees while you get a nice cool breeze. We will end up at the Rabbit Hash General Store. The Store has been open since 1831! We will park and give the town and store a walk through. If we are lucky we may get to meet the mayor. He's a dog by the way. After we all have our fill of the small town(don't blink or you will miss it) then we will head to a park in Burlington where we will be having a grillout.
You do not have to be in the club to go on the cruise or to stop at the grill out. Everyone is invited. Bring the family

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