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NSRA inspector from south jersey


New Member
I am looking for the inspector or inspectors name/names and phone number for south jersey. Every name and number I have tried is wrong. Need Help.

Their is a posting for the same guy a few weeks ago . but i cant remember who posted it he just met up with him and got his car inspected a couple of weeks ago. Some one here will remember and jump in and help i will bet.
OOPs sorry i just read the earlier post and not the date..
N. Jersey director is Dennis Dahlinger 140 Harper Terrace Cedar Grove N.J. 07009. National Director is Frank Salerno 57 Pittston Ave. Pittston Pa. 18640. Maybe one of these guys can give you a new #.
jjsticks said:
dennis is more north jersey.lenny is closer for us got his # right cops?JJ

considering the circumstances, I think that Dennis might have some contacts for basically anyone in the area of Jersey.... not being a douche, just saying, could be possible?!?!?!?!?!?!?:think:
maybe i am a douche.... i should prolly stop reading the forum at waaaaay late at night cause, when I read it last night, I only saw one name... now that i have slept, there are two name... dove> :rofl:<JJ

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