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NTBA Nationals 2024


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Branson Towers Hotel, location of the 25th NTBA Nationals. This place will be crawling with T-buckets and bucketheads next week! 😁


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Yep we are half way there this morning...........You coming down to see us..........?
Just in case you can't make next weeks Nationals, there are still other NTBA Fun Runs coming up to enjoy...

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This is the best I can do, Bill. Most of the "runs" are spur-of-the-moment type, so it's catch as catch can. There should always be a number of cars in the hotel lot, though. Go and enjoy!

Hi All,
The hotel committee of Dennis, Rolla, and myself spent the last few days in Branson driving the runs and finalizing everything with the hotel.
As it often goes, things look different on paper than how it actually works in reality. That’s why we often use the phrase “subject to change”. We had to change the the run on Monday because of distance and conditions, but it all works out with alternate plans.
We’re going to post the runs soon so all of you will have an idea where we’re going. You will also have the opportunity to go on some of your own shorter or “self guided” runs. We plan on being back early to mid afternoon every day, so if some of you plan to go to shows it will be plenty of time. Each morning at the drivers meeting we’ll give you a description of the run and return time.
All drivers meeting will be at 9:00 am. I will give you another information page in your packet.
We’re also doing something different this year. We’re planning group dinners on three nights, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at three fun and pretty cool restaurants. Cape Fair, MO. Wednesday
Jackie B Goode’s Uptown Cafe and Dinner Theater. Thursday
Fall Creek Steak and Catfish.
What I need from all of you is to think about it if your going to go. We’ll take a count at the drivers meeting at the start of the week on Monday, and then another one on those days. We need to know the count for the restaurants. Dinner times will be between 5-5:30. We’ll announce the time we have to leave the hotel that morning at the drivers meeting and post it on the white boards in the lobby.
We have a great event planned in a beautiful area. See you there!
Bruce DeAngelis
NTBA President
Yes . . . Artesia, NM (LincolNut's hometown). It's about 40 miles south of Roswell. Date to be determined (probably sometime in May).

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