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O/T tracking Wal-Mart

That is what I call a real blight on our landscape. I personally NEVER buy anything a Wal-Mart.
From this day forward i will refer to wal-mart as Chi-mart this is so far from
Sam Waltons dream. In the 80s he prided himself on BUY AMERICAN remember the sighns in the stores???. I had an Electrical contracting buisness in Oklahoma City in the 80s and wired several stores in the Moore- Norman area. I had the pleasure of meeting him and conversing with him numerious times in the early 80s. He was everything that makes america america a great man. He would never have cut the american products from his inventory in favor of the cheapest S%^$ money can buy. He looked at his employees as his partners. I know Wal-mart has a place but it also has a responsibility to support the small buisnesses and advertise that they do, and give the buying public a choice. I for one if it says Made In USA that is my choice.:welcome:
When on med's ya never know what you'll find....

Im sorry guys but i buy everything at Walmart. I make so little, i save money where ever i can. They have the cheapest price on everything. Just try to find Mobil 1 in a 5 quart container for $22 somewhere else. Dont get me wrong i dont buy the cheap chinese crap, but if they are selling something i was gonna buy somewhere else anyway and its cheaper at the mart then im buying it there. And $2 for a 25lb bag of cat litter makes great oil dry!! I am sad to see all the little stores go out of business, but the walmart they just built near me has everything cheap!!! price sells period.
Way too much time on your hands to be searching for stuff like this. lol But, I too shop at Wally World from time to time. They have good prices on a lot of things. It also make me sad to see most or all of the Mom and Pop's store closing their doors for good. While growing up I always enjoyed shopping at the Mom and Pop's stores.
Dont get me wrong to am guilty of being a walmart patron also i dont have a money tree either. My gripe is they are the bigest retailer in the US and they dont mind selling their wares to us ,but they wont buy their wares from us. But your right some things like mentioned ,only makes sense to buy there.

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