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Ocala , Florida in April

Would one of you guys count the number of cars that come to the show-n-shine on Saturday?
After this I guess I am ready to load up and head out......Did get to meet many folks on this forum for better or worst huh Jim (track T) sure would have like to lay eyes on that car...........But lunch and shooting the bull was OK.....Boy that tour to NPD & the special tour by the Big Daddy his own self was super.....Don Garlets place was great..........A couple photos.....DSCN2840.JPG DSCN2929.JPG DSCN3014.JPG DSCN3078.JPG
It was nice meeting you and everyone else,thanks for the ride!:thumbsup: Hope you all come back again to SW Florida. Maybe mine will be done by then!:laugh:
More from Ocala FL.


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Ocala part 2... The last 2 are "Big Daddy" and his rid.


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Forgot to ask, but who at ocala is on this forum?
I was there also, but I neglected to ask who is a part of the forum. Too preoccupied looking at the cars.:rolleyes:
I was there also.
Mines the one that was'nt there :)
Earl mine was the yellow one....................LOL.........I was there.......:whistling::whistling:...:thumbsup:

I just want to thank you guys (Mike,Jim,Milt,Ron,Jack,Dewy,Dennis,Lou, and Rolla) sorry If I left some of you out! for a great weekend! That was amazing to see so many T's in one place. I really enjoyed all the rides, too!!!! I'm still smilling. My daughter liked the ride as well. What a great group of people anf fellowship!

Thanks again,

I was there also. Jane and I had a great time and especially enjoyed the NPD and Don Garlits Tours. Ocala was the best time anyone could have and Dewey ,Illona, and Bob did a great job in fixing us up with the week/ weekend of fun and meeting people you only know their handles. Fun, fellowship, and food was all great. And ICECREAM!!! No dieters on this trip!!

I have the silver bucket with the orange pin striping.
I got to ride down on Saturday. I didn't know anybody but got to meet Ron & Mike from this forum & a bunch of other guys. Everybody was great & made sure we stayed
to eat. Awesome bunch of guys, thank you for your hospitality. Hope they have it there again next year, my car should be finished by then!

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