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Off Topic.... :(


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Wow, sorry to hear you got bit. Here's to a speedy recovery.

I don't know if we have Wolf Spiders in Texas, but we probably do. I DO know we have a little brown spider that is HELL! It bites you and the venom EATS YOUR FLESH AWAY!:eek: I've never been bit *knock on wood*, but I have seen what an arm looks like with a pound of flesh missing. It ain't pretty.
And here in Minnesota we whine about mosquitos.......... Hope you recover soon.
Huh, never heard of that one. I know we have the Brown Recluse that eats your flesh away like Fred said, but that one is new to me.

That's the problem with the tropics, there are all kinds of critters out to get you. :eek: I HATE snakes and spiders. :eek::eek:

Hope you feel better soon.

tex does have the wolf but seldom a serious bite. the brown recluse is in tx and once bitten the area around the bite will die. ive was bit on the toe at the fire station and finally lost all the skin on the toe . had to hold it up fer weeks mike
I think I'll stick with mosquitos!
Youngster, you mean those aren't birds?

Come to Vegas, bask in the heat. We don't have many bugs though.
Nope..just blood thursty little suckers........

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