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Ohio Rt. 32 Cruise. May 30th


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This is a new cruise for the Scroungers C.C. We will meet at the UDF in Wilder, Ky at noon and leave at 12:30 sharp. We will cruise up to I-275 and over the river into Ohio. We will meet up with the Ohio Chapter and anyone else who want to go at the McDonalds on 32. Address to come soon. Ohio guys will have to be there by 1 pm. From there we head down Rt. 32 at a max speed of 55 MPH. so if you have a gear you should be fine. We are not breaking any land speed records. Our distination is about and hour drive from the McDonalds. It is a farm that has been converted to sell garage items instead of corn. Here are a few spy shots. We will get something to eat (fast food) on the way back.





I drove out there yesterday to make sure I could find this place. From the I-275 Rt.32 exit it takes 1 hour to get there. So it's not too far away. There is plenty of parking. On the way back just a few miles down the road is a gas station to refill and a Gold Star. The Gold Star was kind enough to give us a discount on our food so we will be stopping there for some grub. If you are not into Gold Star there is a McDonalds across the street. I ask them about a discount and you would have thought I slapped the lady. But it's there if you don't like chili. This is going to be a fun run if you guys can make it meet us at one of the stops. UDF In Wilder, Ky Licking Pike & Moock Road or the McDonalds on 32 right off of the I-275 exit. These types of runs do not happen too much. Put you lawn chair in your trunk for a change and drive your car some place. For more info click the link> Scroungers Rt. 32 Cruise. May 30th

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