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Oil Filters

This link works. Article doesn't say which are best but deals with the filter design. I always use Motorcraft filters on my Ford engines just as I always use Motorcraft Syn blend oil and Motorcraft spark plugs. I just don't believe you can go wrong when you use the products that were designed for the engine. More expensive doesn't always mean more better [grammer on purpose].
Similar thread going on right now over on the HAMB, Its all good reading. Take heed you get what you pay for, dont always believe what you here on TV. Do your home work. I prefer Baldwin Filters, I worked for them for a while and could really see the difference in how different filters are constructed.
An easy way to look at what you are dealing with is, run it through the band saw, see if it meets your approval... I like to change the filter three times to one oil change... Always better to be safe than sorry... :hooray:
Unusual approach to me. I am sure it keeps your oil clean. What kind of intervals do you change filters and oil? Are you using synthetic oil? I guess you get to add a filter full of new oil with each filter change. I saw a documentary ad for Royal Purple oil filters. It showed them tempering the filter housing. It looked like they were doing it right, but I am not in the market for a new brand of filter. I really need to eliminate the Frams completely from my inventory.
I managed an NAPA store 25 years ago and we purchased filters from all the competitors and cut them apart. People would question why our oil filters cost more than another brand and we would walk them over to the display and lift the shell off their favorite brand and our own. I don't think we ever lost a sale after that. When people would see the bits of string used to hold the pleats in some filters, the looks on their faces were priceless.

Most people you talk to think Fram is the bee's knees, which shows you how easily a company can lead sheeple about with their advertising dollars. K&N has done the same with their air 'filters'. Anyone remember SplitFire spark plugs?

For my money, the Wix filters are unbeatable.
I've been using Bosch filters for a while, it looks like they are one of the good ones.
Mobil one filters are all I'll use now. an oil guy over on a Corvair forum has done extensive research and has proven his case to me. many of the ones he cut open were just cardboard paper sealing surfaces etc


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