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OK, it's time to do the happy dance


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I just sealed the envelope that contains my final payment on my Total Performance kit lay-away.


I'm still financially embarrassed and will need to wait for everything until I can afford to pay the freight bill, but the kit is f-i-n-a-l-l-y paid off!

This started out to be a pretty sweet deal. I divorced my son's mother back in 1995 and never saw a dime of my court-ordered child support until early 2006. I chuckled when I saw the first check, because I knew they wouldn't last. After getting checks for some 16 months, I figured I was safe with getting paid the balance, so I trekked to Total Perf. to 'try on' a car. I left a deposit and was smiling, because the back child support was going to pay for the kit.

Stupid me, eh? About 7 weeks after I got home from CT, the support checks stopped arriving and I haven't seen another one since. Go figure.

So, I cinched up my belt, knuckled down and kept sending checks to Total. The checks weren't as big as I had intended, but perseverance saw me through. I've completely forgotten what things like steak or pizza taste like in the last thirteen months, but I guarantee you I will be getting re-acquainted with a pizza this evening.

I can remember sitting in my high school study halls, looking at Total Performance ads and dreaming about owning a T. And that was a lot longer ago than I care to admit, because I graduated thirty-<COUGH, COUGH>six<COUGH, COUGH> years ago. It seems as if I have since dodged about everything life could throw at me, but my dream is finally coming true.

Thirty-plus years ago, I promised myself I was going to own a Total T. It took so long to make it happen that driving my own Total T is now on my Bucket List. :rofl: Well, those Spirit C-Cabs look pretty good too, so if the doctor can keep me alive long enough, I might give one of them a try too. ;)
Onward and upward Mike. Seems like we can always find ways to get the things we want most in life. I have a bucket list too. It's gonna be kinda hard on my Doc though, he's gotta keep me alive 'til I'm 130 years old. I'll bet he can't do it, he's only 5 years younger that I am.

Congrats Mike.Finally gonna have you here full time now.LOL
Great Mike. Hats off to you and all the guys that have to build on a limited budget, little by little as the cash comes in. Guys like us can't write huge cheques like they do at the B-J so it takes us a lot of time. I was only able to afford getting enought components for an "almost" bare bones chassis, so by the time I get finished that phase, hopefully I have enough for the body and a little more.

Wouldn't you know it....just when you think you've got some more to spend, the wife insists on vacationing in the Black Hills for 2 weeks. Guess the project will extend into retirement.

But this is your thread and a big congrats to you :rolleyes: for this huge step in your project.

Really enjoyed reading your post. Not so much about the child support issue but all about the 30 years ago and reading a total performance catalog and dreaming about a car. I was right there with you buddy. I think I still have a 1978 catalog of Total performance and Bird laying in a box somewhere. We are miles apart but some similar in interest. I hope to place a kit order real soon. Keep us updated, btw, how much is freight from Conn. to Indy?

Way to go, Mike! When I joined this site I think you were first starting your payments. It's great that you're getting ready to get your feet wet. We'll be waiting for you in the deep end of the pool, but you'll be here before you know it. :cry:

I can't wait for the pics of all those boxes and crates in your driveway.
tfeverfred said:
I can't wait for the pics of all those boxes and crates in your driveway.

Me either. :toast: Congrats Mike. :welcome:
Way to go Mike

Good things happen to those that wait Mike. You'll be cruzin before you know it. Stress free and a "big cheese" :D on your face. The other motorists will be wondering what your so happy about.


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