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OK Orlando....


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who has the yellow bucket with purple seats?
I met him at Olde Town last month and he comes to the Friday night cruise in Cassleberry once in a while but I have yet to get his name. He is not the first owner of that bucket. There was another guy before him that I met at a Florida Roadster's meet two years ago in Melbourne. If I remember correctly when I talked with him, he said that he had bought it in basically that condition.


P.S. How is your T progressing Jim? Will it be on the road soon?
Thanks Jim, I found his name in my e-mails.
Saw his car setting over at the handlebar shop and wondered if
he had sold it.But,it's there for some work.

I got all the parts in for the rear brakes and building a shifter
right now,still looking at mid june to have it running.

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