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Ok Thomas


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Thomas come out,come out where ever you are.Time to report in on your project
Yea! *shakes cage* We need an update!:welcome:
Hey Rick and Fred

Sorry about the lack of posts lately. I bought some rollers and finished the frontend and will be doing the rearend today. It will be nice to see it on all fours for the first time. I do have a question for you guys. Is there a way to keep from steering to much in either direction?

Your steering box and linkage will let you know how far you can turn.Nice to hear from you keep in touch everyone wants to see your progress.Notice the key word here is SEE your progress.Also turn your steering wheel to the right/left all the way then turn all the way the other direction but count the turns then divide by two that is your center now set up your front end drag bar,tyrod etc then center your wheel thats it.
Thank you malbeck

This is why forums are so great. Always someone looking out for you.

Those nuts go on the stock king pin keepers which is a pin that goes thru the king pin at the center of the axle boss to retain the king pin in place.Unless i'm mistaken you have a set screw to keep them in place.
Rick, you are right about the set screws.

Thomas because we don't have 32 fords or 47 fords we have the cutie pie front ends which means the ugly looking King Pin Retainers are not used in our aplication.Oh by the way i didn't mean to run you off the other day it's just i had to get off this foot.I hope you understand.Oh by the way i'm going to change my steering to the vega box.Now watch the posts fly.HEHE
I understand your pain buddy. No problem. See you soon.


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