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Well, last night I stopped to pic up some pats for my T. I was chatting with a couple guys and one told me about an old guy he knew that built hot rods and turns out he lives about 5 miles from me! How did I not know about this guy and why have I not seen his cars cruising around?

Well, after I dropped my film off to be developed, I stopped by the address of where his home/shop was supposed to be. I parked and walked up to a small, dark building with a huge iron gate blocking the entrance to the garage. I could see a figure working inside and asked if he was the person I told about. He was rather distant at first and I explained that I was working on a hot rod and was told he might be able to help with parts I might need. I showed him my build book and that was the key. He invited me in and I was floored. The first thing I saw was a '32 Highboy that he was working on! On a lift was a '67 427 Vette. There were various parts and pieces of cars EVERYWHERE! Some of the memorabilia he had on the wall would bring a fortune at a swap meet.

We talked for a while as he looked at my build book and asked questions about what I was doing. later he invited me in to have a coke and I did what I knew I needed to do. I sat and listened.

Long story short, he told me stories about the old days and gave me some GREAT advice for my T (wait till you guys see how I'm going to do my interior;)). As I was getting ready to leave, I noticed a pic out of the 100's he had on his walls. It was a 12"X24" of some old drag racers at an old strip dated 1958. Turns out it was a local track that used to be nearby and is long gone. In the lower right hand corner was a very young Eddie Hill in a rail job! He and his car were in the photo as well. I was floored!

He invited me to drop by when I could to share updates on our cars and he also invited me to a local crise he goes to once a month. Needless to say, I'll be stopping by whenever I can.

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