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Olympic newsflash.....O/T


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Just received had this newsflash forwarded to me!

A member of the U.S. Olympic diving team was disqualified from
competition today when it was learned that he did not have a
sufficiently compelling human storyline to exploit on the NBC telecast
of the worldwide sporting event.

Tracy Klujian, the expelled diver, was not raised by a single mother,
never had a career-threatening injury, and did not overcome a
personal tragedy of any kind before making the Olympic diving team,
U.S. Olympic officials revealed today.

Had Tracy been involved in an organ donation, as either a donor or
a recipient, that would have been acceptable to us," a diving team spokesman told reporters. "However, he was not."

According to sources close to the diving team, Mr. Klujian had
concealed the fact that he comes from an intact middle class family
who never lost their home to a flood, tornado, or typhoon.

But what may have sealed Mr.Klujian's doom, sources said, was his
utter lack of a gravely ill family member to win a medal for.

"Tracy did his best to hide his background from team officials," one
source said. "But when the truth came out, he was finished."

Speaking to reporters in Beijing, NBC Sports chief Dick Ebersol was
even less charitable, terming Mr. Klujian's actions "a reprehensible

"We do our best to check out all of the athletes to make sure that
their backgrounds are full of compelling human drama, but we can't
catch everything," Mr. Ebersol said. "This is a case of one really
bad guy exploiting the system."
Definitely a lot of truth there. I will be 'steeling' that and passing it on to my friends, the ones that aren't here. Thanks for the news update........Steve
Look at the media they pretty much pick who they want running for president. The one that makes them money.

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