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on my way to the upholstery shop !!!!


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im about done its been a long couple weeks but im taking it to the upholsery shop today
i only have very few things left
iv posted a pic in my gallery
fred will you be so kind as to post it here thanks buddy

a quick word of thanks to all the help iv gotten here
i would never have gotten this far in around a year if not
for the great people here

Looking really good... what are you plans for the interior?


What color for the interior?


I think this is going to be outstanding!
Car looks great, and an interior will really finish it off nicely. :) I like the color of your body too.

I had a fiasco with the upholstery shop that did my T, and it still isn't the way I would like it to be, so somewhere down the road I'm gonna have another shop tear it out and redo it. But for now it is at least servicable.

I just assumed (thats what I get for assuming) that every upholstery guy in the world knew what you meant when you say "I want a rolled and pleated interior." My T is built sort of '50 style, and I wanted a traditional rolled and pleated job done. His shop is in the same complex as my shop so I wheeled it down there and left it with him.

Couple days later I walk in and he is half done, and the interior looks like an overstuffed sofa!! :eek: He had it all puffy and the roll around the top had huge gatherings of fabric, like you see on those cheap living room couches. When I caught my breath I had to tell him it that was NOT going to stay in my car. He was not happy, but I had him tear it all out and start over.

He finally got it to the point where I just said it was ok, but still not what I really wanted. For example, I wanted the upholstery to roll up over the top of the body and use some hideum up there to hide the seam between body and upholstery, and he left a gap there.

Hope your interior goes smoother than mine. Post some pictures when you get it home.

datonamanmike said:
the colors will be two tone pearl white and purple

THAT is going to look great with your body color and graphics!:)

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