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One More New Guy....


New Member
Just taking a moment to say hello.
Some of you may recognize the name from "other places" .
I do see some familliar names here.
I have been working on the Dodge modified for a few years now,
as time permits, with my work schedule.

The '22 Dodge is a cut down Dodge touring body, '29 Ford frame,
'49 Chevy 235 "Hi-torque 6, 36 Chevy trans, '46 Ford running gear,
and a steel quickchange in the rear.
I also own a restored 1920 Ford TT one ton truck.

That is my youngest daughter and friend in one photo, my grandson
and myself in another.

Ken (aka 22Dodge)
nice ride :cool:


Welcome Ken :welcome: nice ride :cool:
Thanks for the hellos, everyone.

Francis Blake said:
:) Looks like you have a good helper there:D :lol: Francis

Thanks, Francis. He helps out as much as I will let him.
I usually run him off when I am welding, but just picked up a second
welding helmet so he can start to learn.
All three grandkids help out, but he is the "head garage monkey" . '22
Welcome to the site Ken. I too have seen your posts on the other site. Your opinions will be welcomed here.

I too love the look. It is also probably a lot easier to get into and out of than mine is ha ha ..............Nice Car

Hey 22Dodge!

Do you know anyone with some 1914-1917 Dodge Touring parts they're looking to sell? I'm collecting parts for a new ride. I'm looking for a back half body, or whole body. Maybe fenders and running boards too. Thanks!
Re: Hey 22Dodge!

Where are you located? I know of a body but I don't know if it would be worth traveling for. I was told it was an early '20's.


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