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one timers

Francis Blake

Active Member
I don't understand why so many people come on here , post one time and never talk to us again . If they are serious about tbuckets I would thint they would have more to say. :confused:
There is a lot of info on this site. A great deal of questions have been asked and answered. Porblem encounted during a build can be over come by reading passed posts. Then again some people just don't like to ask questions. Those that post here with some regularity have become the core of the site and may be intimidating new folks. To those new folks i say, ask your questions. There's agreat bunch of very helpfull people here that will only be to happy to help you out. This can be the most valuable tool for your build.

may be intimidating new folks

Nah, we just blab too much. This is by far one of the nicer forums. Some of them can be just plain mean to socialize on.
A person learns a lot more listening than he does talking. Iroct
iroct said:
A person learns a lot more listening than he does talking. Iroct

Yep, Most of the time i can search what i'm needing to know. It's still great to know that if i get into trouble, i can find help. i do have trouble refinding a post sometimes.
i look on here most days to see what is happening and if there is something i can say to help i will post it on here. i think that if everybody answers all the postings the site will crash .
captainjunk said:
i just like to read what everyone else has to say :cool:

Mw too... also look at the pics and admire everyones work.
I also dont see a need to answer a questin some one else did, unless I really think I have something to add. I come by here several times a day. just dont post a lot.
I read ya'lls stuff to learn, and then go try it....Though we have had race cars since the 50's, This is our first Bucket, and I don't feel qualified to say alot....
Well...I'm a new member on here....Been lurking around the site for some time...Had to register as a member in order to use the SEARCH feature..You guys have a ton of info on here...pretty much EVERYTHING a new bucket builder would have questions too has been asked and answered.

I'm sure many join just so they can SEARCH the archives...They do a quick intro..and thats it...they searched and found the information they were looking for...out the door they go.

I plan on being a little more than "ONE TIMER"....will contribute information to topics/questions that I have an answer/suggestion for.

Now for my random thought of the day....

I really miss the "PRE-INTERNET" days...hanging out at the local speed shops (all gone now) for hours on end!!! They were my afterwork "BAR"! Many people I ended up loosing track of when these shops shut down...oh is good and bad I guess...It's great talking with people on these forums..just a little harder to punch each other in the shuolder now and then!
Now that the site is a little older there is info on just about any subject. But i still post for people to give me a hard time. Or in case i might know something.
Ah, digging through the archives can be a pain. It's more fun to post, go find something to do and wait for a reply. I'd rather have a conversation than just look up information.
I am just plain SHY and there is no spell check so being not verry bright I dont want to look a tool ( Oz. slang for being a twat British slang for oh never mind ) just shy. cheers Keith
A lot of times us new builders, get on here and read through the old post and find the info we need. I know that I'm new on here and don't want to feel like I'm bothering someone with questions that have already ben asked.:welcome:
Alot of questions get asked often on here , no problem someone will answer or direct you to a post that's on here. As has been said the only stupid question is the one that don't get asked. In the lounge forum you dont' even have to talk cars, just say hi I am still here. :welcome:
It's no bother eafree .. gives us old dudes a chance to spout off .. lol

when you first join a forum, its quite intimidating and if you have ever watched what happens on the hamb to" fng's" especially a few years ago,you quickly learn to be carefull of what you ask or say. someone has already hit the nail on the head by mentioning that you have to join most forums to get access to the info and then if you use the search facility-pretty much every possible question has been asked and answered. having said that if everyone sat back and searched and didn't post anything then you haven't really got a forum. when my collection of bits starts looking like a tee then i for one will be posting more. cheers mark
Nothing riles me up any quicker than to visit a forum where the new members are treated poorly. I've visited, belonged to and even admin'ed sites where some people could have read around a bit to see the same questions being answered 5-6 times each day. But I still never cared for the 'use the search' response to those people.

When someone asks about something beyond the scope of this forum, you might see me mention that Mr. Google is open 24/7, but I don't do it in an off-putting manner.

There are no strangers here - just friends you have yet to meet. I hope it is always thus.
We also like to see the progress you are making on your build not to criticize but maybe we had already made those mistakes. To save you time and in this economy Money. Keep the posts coming. When I joined I jumped in with both feet not to say some people haven't rubbed me the wrong way sometimes but that happens with any group you join. :hiding: so no hiding come out and ask .

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