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one wire alternator?


my one wire alternator seems not to be working. Not sure if it is a one wire. Here is the pic of the back.

there is the red connection which is where I hooked the alt. wire. Then I notice the tan connection by the red connection and towards the top there is a black connection which I would think is a ground. What is the tan connection?

Thanks for any info.

Get a circuit diagram for the alternator off the net.
The red terminal is the output.
The other terminal is the indicator light/ excitation wire. The regulator needs 12V to initially excite the rotor, after that it excites itself.
A healthy alternator will give you close to 14VDC at the battery terminals.
The problem is the green fuel line!! Not really, the wire harness you have has an excitor wire for the alternator I think it is a brown one. I will be there on Tuesday night and we will get it figured out. Don't be scared all electrical stuff has a built in smoke alarm, if you hook it up wrong. :lol:
I have used that smoke alarm way to often. Heard they make a test so you do not have to use that smoke alarm.


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