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Online Suspension Information


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Since there has been a lot of interest in suspension design and questions in general I have posted several links with a lot of useful information. I realize that most of this stuff is better suited to racing type cars but the information is always interesting. I hope this will be of some value to each of you. Enjoy!




SWAY-A-WAY - axles, torsion bars, and shocks for trucks, cars, and off-road vehicles - Tech Room with Online Calculators

Wallace Racing - Automotive Calculators
One more site that might be of interest. This site has quite a bit of information relating to the mounting of shocks and the effects of leaning them over. Their shocks can also be run horizonally or inverted. Lots of on line calculators to make your life easier. Hope this will be of some use.


Pro-Formance Shocks, Inc

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