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Operations suck


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Had the left knee operated on 2 weeks ago and just now getting around the house a wee bit.
3 or 4 weeks to go before I'm good to go or I go nuts sitting around....:sad:
Jus make damned sure ya do those excersizes like they tell ya too ! I know several guys and women who have had knee surgery and the ones that did the excersizes turned out OK, the others are still bitchin and bellyachin bout the pain...
I have two bad ones myself, but I can still walk, just gotta go up and down stairs sideways...
Hang in there !....."BH":cool:
That's alright track T... just log on here. We'll baby sit ya.

Remember your therapist is your friend not a sadist.
Good luck with the recovery. Yep, the healing process is no fun whatsoever. I had my bicep reattached a few years ago and you never realize how much you use an arm or leg until it is on the fritz. Even something like showering is a major undertaking. :eek::eek:

Take care of yourself Jim! Rehab can be a bit challenging/painful, but it's worth it.

I broke (the doctor said I destroyed it) a wrist a few years back, and the doctor said I would only have about 20% range of movement when it healed. Knowing that scared the crap out of me! I was so aggressive in my physical therapy, the injured wrist now has more range of motion than the one that didn't get hurt!

Take care,

The rehab is important, I had back surgury 3 years ago. Better than new now.
Good luck with your recovery, man.

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