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could someone tell me what the plus dim would be on the king pin hole on an axle boss if you were to make one for a ford, or chevy or i guess just about any kind. i know i could just measure an axle and pin but, i don't have any right now to measure. i know all the pins for the different cars are all different diameters so i would assume the dim oversize for the pin holes would be about the same. to state this another way, if you make the axle boss' on a lathe, how big would you ream the pin hole out, so the pin would go in like it is supposed to, according to the size of the pin you use.
thanks Tbucit, i knew someone would know. this is a great site for the many knowledgable people on it. the reason i wanted to know was, i am going to try and make an axle. i have the lathe and the tube bender and the fish mouth tool. this dim was about the only thing missing. thanks again.
A general rule of thumb would be .001 per inch. I make a few king pin bosses for the Ford axles and have made some for the Chevy. I use about .001" bigger than the pin.
I'll drill close to size then use the boring bar to finish the hole.

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