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Ordered Some Parts !!!!!


New Member
i made some very big orders yesterday ( big smile ):)
speedway , jegs , total,
$6000 worth of parts
i cant wait for them to get here
this should be just about everything
cept a few little things

this also does not inculde fabric for the top
upolstery paint work or front tires and wheels
but i did sqweez in my rear tires and rims
i went with jegs new street lite race wheels 15x15
and tires MT sportsman s/r radials 33x22
real nice wheels and tires for a mere 1500

so be ready guys im sure ill have loads of questions
when this stuff gets here
est delivery date jan 2 & :)3
:lol:Well somebodies starting off the New Year with a CHA CHING! Way ta hit large Datona. I look forward to seeing the results.

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