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dovehunter: I am at work and bored... want to go home and work on the bucket!!!

Then do it. If that won't work then try taking your project to work. They probably won't even notice it.

Funny you say that... my boss offered me to bring my bucket here and put it in the shop to work on it... surprisingly i just havent done it yet. :)
what are you waiting for??????

At first, I was waiting for the frame to get put back together. Now that its painted and together, I have to re-glass the body...not too much work but I dont have much time to work on it now. I am seriously thinking about getting a spirit body while they have their sale going on. not really sure what Im going to do. Should i do this :wall:Should I do that :beer: Should with this and that :) When will the sheep ever stop screaming?!?!?!?!? lol
I know the feeling, so I took mine to work and on lunch hours and dinner hours ( which usually stretched to 1&1/2 hours) I would attack it and get some work done. The good part was my cousin ran the body shop of the dealer I was working at and him and all his guys were more than happy to help, so I got professional help and everyone enjoyed the process. It would have taken me twice as long espicially since I cut a door in the passenger side, but they gave me the confidence and direction I needed. They were sooooo surprised when I painted it and it came out great. So if the boss said it ok then jump on it, you will go home with a smile everyday :lol::)
Back when I was working...(about 7 years ago) I worked as a Production Machine Maint. Tech.. I worked "graveyard shift", plant had only a few people working at night. If I had all my "pm's" done, and all the machines were up and running I pretty much had it made in the shop.
I found a set of plans to build the old Car Craft Project T ( from Steve Skaggs, anyone remember him from the NTBA? ) and had copies at work. I started dumpster diving and scrounging for material to build the various brackets and parts.
Having a complete machine shop at my job, so fabrication of the parts wasn't a problem. Being a "hi-Tech" industry we had lots of material laying around.
I started turning out SS threaded weld bungs for the Radius Rods, and cutting out brackets.
Wasn't long and I had a set of front Radius Rods, rear spring mounts, several other parts...
Just gotta be resourcefull.....Never let the parts get in the way of the JOB ! The job has Priority, afterall, thats why your being paid to be there....
Ofcoarse lots of Company's won't let ya build stuff of your own. I was lucky to work 35 years in a company that was pretty open about personel work and using company material..... :cool: "BH"

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