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Paint (cheap)

For a guy with little to no spray gun experience, what would be the most forgiving type of paint for the body? I always wanted to give it a try but don't want to screw it up too badly.
Cheap paint? If you have a central tractor or farm and family nearby...just buy some acrylic enamel to practice with...about $20/gal I think. The go to Ace and buy some paint filters (paper funnels with a fine screen). For a spraygun, Id go with an Astro brand LVLP gun. These are VERY GOOD knockoffs of the Sata and Inest Iwata production guns. Theyre usually around $80. You also need a respirator. NO NIOSH respirator is rated for automotive paint. Dont forget isocyanites are absorbed through the eyes too so get some safety glasses.

I get most of my paint from Napa these days (My PPG rep is a jerk) I think a gallon of base was $257 and a gallon of #15420 Clearcoat was $90.

Youre going to need an epoxy primer too. Cheapest place for that is either Baker PBE ( or

For practice? get a few body panels, Stop in and see your local collision repair shop and ask em if you can buy any leftover primer and some leftover base/clear to practice on your new junk hood

Best paints are base/clear. you can also use a single stage urethane...but the problem with that is you cant really wetsand it, only buff it. Theres also Acrylic Enamel which was the cats meow after lacquers. For those of you that have an Enamel paintjob, Southern Polyurethanes makes a Universal clear that will go over almost anything.

Southern Polyurethanes Inc is who I buy a LOT of my clear and primer from. Baker PBE has good prices on their stuff. They do mostly primers and clears. Barry (the owner) is a super guy and makes a reasonably priced, AWESOME product.

Hit up Lots of tips tricks, free beginner material, product opinions and techniques out there,

also check a paint supplier for cans of color mismatch returned from body shops. you will have to make sure you have enough because they couldn't match the color the first time. My son was taking a auto-body class at the local college. the city fire dept inspected a body shop and they had about 3 times as much left over paint as would fit in their fire approved paint storage. The body shop owner loaded up his pickup and brought it to class and let everybody pick out stuff till it was gone. a lot cheaper that him having to pay for hazzard disposal fees.

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