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Paint Job Ideas ??

datonamanmike said:
anyone got some renderings (drawings)
of paint jobs ???

im looking for ideas for my paint job
Thats a pretty broad request Mike.Can you narrow it down a bit?LOL really what you like i might not like if ya know what i mean.I'm sure when you do that Fred andThomas and the rest of the gang here will over run you with pics and such.You might try to google a subject and go through the answers there.
Mike, Did you already paint or color coat your frame, frontend etc.? Your grill I believe is chrome. If the frame is black with your chrome accessories. Go Silver.

yes my frame is powder coated black
grill is chrome 29 model A
lots of chrome axle shocks spring ect

i was thinking maby sclallops
or something
maby some kind of 2 tone with a fade

i am open to all ideas

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