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Perfect Roadster Weather

Johnny Angel

New Member
The weather has been perfect the past two weeks for a roadster road trip, cool in the mid 80'sf. and partly cloudy, next week is suspose to be the same, not too bad for mid August

The Tbucket in the photo is not mine, just one I saw several weeks ago, and thought this guy is having fun
I can't remember his screen name, but he comes to this site quite a bit. The heat here in the summer is stifling. High 90's on average with a heat index in triple digits.:sad: So, I cruise in the mornings on weekends and in the evenings. Got rain for the next week. That's gonna suck. Things should be way better come mid September.
"Ginchiest". I haven't heard that in a long time. I think Johnny is going to add a lot to this forum. Keep keepin' the 60s alive Johnny.......Steve
Kool, I am the 1960's, things came to an end for me in 1973 when the auto makers forced by the government to install those 5mph bumpers!!! so here I am stuck in the 60's...and loveing it.

I disc jocky lots of regional car events during the season, my mix is 50% oldies (from the 50's, 60's and very early 70's...25% Motown 12% Stax artist, 10% Rock A Billy and 2% something all together different.

I am sitting here listening to This Magic Moment by the Drifters on my Juke Box...good times.
I run short errands during the day in my T, but generally it is too hot to enjoy it much. Nights are a different matter though. Wednesday night my Son's Don and Dan and I took Don's T and my T to a local cruise, then went to dinner on Ft Myers beach. The weather was perfect........did get a little rain for about 2 miles, but then it stopped. Just enough to get the cars a little dirty.:sad:

On the way home the three of us took turns driving each others cars (Dan's is still under construction) and for the first time I got to sit in Don's T and watch my own T go down the road. Actually looked pretty cool, and I got to see what others see when I am driving it.

Lots of times when I was driving my '27 I would climb into it after the 11 oclock news and just drive around until maybe 1 am, taking in the sights and smells you can only get in an open roadster. Traffic was light and the nights were cool. Just a blast listening to the pipes as you motor along into the night. :lol::)


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