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Phantoms last build


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Just to introduce myself, Aussie guy, 61 going on 20, understanding wife, retired living the life, been active in rodding twenty years, first rod was a T bucket turtle deck running a 308 Holden, 4 speed manual, jag diff, it was called Buck T Blues, then came 28A Tudor called Honey babe, 33 Ford Roadster called The Phantom and 41 Willys coupe.(no name as yet) anyway I've decided to have one last build after seeing the restoration of Dan Woods Ice Truck, that bloody thing has burned itself into my brain, I dont plan to replicate it but I will borrow from the styling and that of some other C Cabs, I just saw a shot of the Renagade that also has some awsume features, cant wait to get started, have brought a few brass trinkets from your shores, but I get the knees replaced in 2 weeks so I'll have to wait till I recoupe before starting.......Regards Phantom
G;Day Phantom,
Good to see another Aussie. We might start to out number the others soon. The build sound cool, would like to see some pics when it gets going....
Good Luck with the knees mate......
Welcome to the site. Sounds like a cool build you have in mind there.

Good luck with your knees. I had both of mine done at the same time. I wish I had done it 5 years sooner. Three weeks to the day I was out and about and driving my truck.
G'day Phantom ... welcome to the site .... happy to see you and all your countrymen here. Keep us posted on your progress.

Welcome Keeping the dream alive.
I can't get enough of Dan's projects... love this one!


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