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Phone mounts

Hi guys. Do any of you have a phone mount in your bucket? Sometimes i go to shows that i need a gps and laying it on the seat is a pain. Any pics of your set up would be great! Thanks.
Edwin - Great topic! I would like to know any phone mounts, for the windshield, that work well.
I will take some photos of mine that I made. I works well,,,,,,,,,,,,
This is made from a scrap pice of Aluminum I had lay around the shop......Works great look on You tube for Vids..........


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I would think a magnetic mount might be a good choice in a T. My wife uses this brand in her car and the magnets are actually really secure. Just stick the steel plate to your phone case and attach the magnet to the dash where you want it. if you just stick the magnet itself to the dash without the extra supports, it would be pretty low profile.
If you used a stronger magnet, you could probably even glue it to the back of the dash so there's nothing visible at all.

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